embark designs

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clip art dog for embark

Initial clip-art



One of the wonderful designers I contract from time to time was working on a new logo for her business. Years ago she had a piece of clip art she liked but the original file was long gone;this tiny screenshot remained. I traced the dog keeping the elements that worked – the colour patches and clean lines, then rebuilt the parts that just weren’t visible anymore – the floppy ears and grin. By rotating the body slightly upward and showing the other front leg, it added a joyful leap of energy.
Since then she has assembled the whole of the logo. I think it’s is fun, lively and says good things about her talent and vision.

Completed logo

Completed logo


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libraryThe Sylvan Lake Municipal Library was getting a new website, designed by the regional association – perfect timing for a new logo. I prepared four widely different initial ideas and the committee narrowed it down to two. Working with their likes and dislikes we took the best parts and created a lively, fresh new identity. A shape that works well from signage to business cards. A new, balanced colour palette completes their redesign.

Action Heating

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The owners of a new business had a name but no identityaction established. Sketchy thoughts about graphics to illustrate heating and cooling didn’t identify why they chose the name “Action”, yet they wanted to get across that they were there to help, to get things done for their customers.

I presented the owners with the idea to be “Action heroes”, to use their logo/identity to be strong, friendly and helpful. The words heating and cooling remain in highlighted, high-contrast text to preserve the purpose of the business. The cartoon-style super-hero says so much more.

Newspaper nameplates

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nameplates20 years in the community newspaper business building advertising and designing page layout made plenty of opportunity to learn quick, clean, straight-forward design.

The Devon and Beaumont newspapers outside of Edmonton, Alberta each got a much needed face-lift from their one-colour seventies design.  Newsprint demands the use of clear, simple colours, and these two new nameplates do their job well.